Here he comes, a little wobbly. I knew him before when his step was steady enough. Steady enough that you’d never believe it would be as wobbly as this in no time at all, a handful of years. I spoke with his girlfriend back then. I don’t think there’s one now, but there might be. Just not one for public viewing, one tucked away maybe, where a wobbly man can find her. Anyway when I talked to the girlfriend I know for sure existed, the one from the past, when I spoke with her, she told me she really liked him, that he was a grown-up. That he wasn’t one of those men who needed a mother. I was impressed because I needed a mother. She was full in the hips that girlfriend, sexy in a can-do way. I like a can-do way you know, but it can be frightening. She had the way without the bells and whistles. Here I am, a woman. She was sexy in that kind of way, if you know what I mean. She was short, not too short. Just short. Is there a too short? Just so you know, I’m not saying there is. Anyway, shortish with the hips, plain spoken, intelligent. The kind of woman I’d like to meet now that I don’t want a mother so much.